Super Simple Sponsorship Agreement

TrueNorth is working with an exclusive group of founding partners who will help shape the future of the technology industry. By supporting TrueNorth with resources and sponsorship, organizations can become central actors in the lives and operations of people making the move to Canada.

TrueNorth Provides the Following:

TrueNorth fosters relationships with partners though:

  1. Customer Education

Our team will remain current on what your organization offers and will help customers understand the benefits and opportunities.

  1. In-Person Referrals

TrueNorth will direct our customers to your organization where they can learn more about you.

  1. Online Awareness

Through our website, newsletters and alert service, TrueNorth will engage prospects and feature our partners. Each member will be featured on the TrueNorth Partner page that includes links to details about the service and contact information. See an example of a page here.

Cancellation & Refunds

Sponsorships can be cancelled at anytime. A full rebate for fees paid for future months will be reimbursed less 1 month of fees.

Term of Sponsorship

The duration of sponsorship and level of exclusiveness is indicated at the time of purchase and is shown on the receipt.